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Learn how to go internationally; explore the market, gain exposure to the business culture, meet with potential customers and find new partners

A trade mission experience is a valuable and modest investment for a company which is looking for market expansion. You don’t need to worry about trying to book meetings and map how to travel across unknown cities and countries to attend business meetings and meet with potential buyers and partners. With the support of a organized, supportive environment you can tap into to learn about new opportunities, meet new people and learn about international trade. Showing up and creating a base for relationships by participating in interesting conversation is a powerful way to promote your business in the minds of prospective buyers and partners in international markets.

Why Participate to our Trade Mission:

  • Gain market insight
  • Direct access to high-level business and government officials suited to your needs;
  • Personalized pre-arrangement business-to-business meetings for each delegate based on their unique business needs;
  • Increase public image and political access
  • Build your network

Sharpen your sight

Live Conferences can be expensive. They include the time away from the office where you could be doing work, a conference ticket, meals and hotel expenses and probably a plane ticket.
However live conferences provide a unique convergence of networking, learning and joy into a single package. Breaking out of office, sitting in a new space, it’s fresh air and can spark you to new ideas and help you to break out of your comfort zone. At a breakout session, you may find yourself sitting next to your customer or mentor. This could never happen in a online conference. Attending to a live conference will help you to generate new ideas and approaches that will make you more visionary and more effective and efficient at work.

Why Attending to our live conferences:

  • Keep pace with the constantly changing world
  • Strengthen your professional ties
  • Take home constructive feedback
  • Meet with new potential partners
  • Grow your network
  • Promote your business
  • Increase your public image

Increase your social capital

Networking must be a key factor in your marketing plan. In business, we all need a solid group of people we can trust and respect. People gravitate to people they like, trust and feel comfortable with. In our constant changing world, networking activities are becoming “a must”. Every now and then, it’s important for your business to show up pass out your business card.

Why attending to our networking events:

  • Share your business card and Collect new ones
  • Meet with new strategic business people
  • Plan follow up meetings with people who you speak to at the event
  • Sharing knowledge and experience
  • Boost your confidence by regularly meeting new people
  • Enjoy and have fun

The success is always under construction

Attending workshops puts you in direct contact with peers and mentors in your field who often are from various parts of the world. Interacting with other professionals in your field is a great opportunity of confrontation and new learning. By attending workshops you will always be better positioned than your co-workers or competitors. Consistent attendance at workshops can quickly position you up as an expert in your field. When you invest your time to consistently upgrade your knowledge you and your business will move into the realm of masters which could put you and your business in a new leading position in your field or sector.

Why attending our workshops:

  • grow your skills, your abilities and upgrade your knowledge in a friendly and professional environment
  • confront with your peers and learn to do better from your mentors
  • tap into your hidden superpower
  • keep up to date with trends in your industry
  • get new inspirations

Your time is precious, use it well

B2B meetings is a fast way to engage yourself in meaningful networking discussions with people who are truly relevant for your business, careers, or projects. Just ask to our team who is your ideal partner or your ideal client to work with, and we will bring at your table the decision makers of your ideal client or partner.

Why ask for a B2B meeting:

  • saving your precious time while our team will be planning a meeting with the decision maker of your ideal partner or client
  • get support from our team to perform your best at the B2B meeting
  • get a preliminary assistance in preparing the marketing papers appropriately for the specific meeting
  • get support for a follow up action plan after the B2B meeting

International Trade Services

How to Enter the U.S. Market for Your Food Product

If you are ready to enter the United States retail market, you want to know, where to begin and which products are best to launch? Our dedicated and specialized partners will serve you on designing the strategies to enter to retailers such as Walmart and Sam’s Club. From the first introduction, to the shelf, and expanding product offerings, we will accompany you in each step of your growth in US.

Your company has set the goals, and discussed a strategic plan to accomplish these goals. The objective is generating high revenue by maximizing full potential in all retail sectors, online and brick-n-mortar. You know this will be years of research and understanding. The questions begin. Who are the right partners to help us accomplish this plan? How do we know which items are the right items to introduce to each retailer? We have one chance at a first impression, how can we be sure its the right impression? If someone would just be willing to listen and understand who we are and our capabilities, we would move mountains.

What would you say if we told you, you are in the right place? We partner with you to meet and exceed your goals through the development of successful retail programs. This proven process delivers sustainable results built on accountability and alignment with your organizations vision and values. Let’s customize your action plan tailored to your needs and goals, today.

You are looking for the right space for your products in the US market. We are here to tell you there is a sweet spot. When placing items on the shelf or online, whether itís National Branded products or Private Label, there is a strategy. Itís time to hone your vision and goals, we are here to focus you step by step, by analyzing the data, revealing country culture, and examining shelf trends.

Now itís all about first impressions with the decision-makers. We rigorously prepare you for these meetings by setting our clients up in the best possible position for the best outcome and the ability to communicate this effectively.


Each month attend and explore relevant topics with our live, online educational sessions. You will learn and gleam best practices from the practical to the impractical but necessary topics. Leave each meeting inspired, focused, feeling supported, and ready to implement.

If this month’s topic isn’t where you are at, attend anyway and you will not be disappointed in what you are learning.


All the way from the Board of Directors, Sales Teams, Marketing Teams to the manufacturing floor, there are always burning questions that need answers. Troubleshooting, clarity, and understanding come as you regularly attend the bi-monthly Q & As. Your support is here to help you make better decisions and get the answers to your pressing questions.

We have seen it all from the strong and poAwerful practices to the weak and needy practices. We are here for you!


International Trade Training

Build better international skills, invest in yourself and in your company

International markets offer huge opportunities for each business. Finding and developing new markets for products is an avenue for expansion and in some sectors in particular, global demand makes international trade an excellent tool of expansion. Selling or buying globally is a profession and as any profession it requires adeguate theorical preparation and appropriate training.
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