PESCARA, ITALY РWorld Trade Center Pescara renewed its collaboration with the Foreign Trade Center of Abruzzo. Founded in 1968 by the four Chambers of Commerce of the region of Abruzzo, the Foreign Trade Center of Abruzzo promotes the growth of the regional economy by fostering the international development of local companies wishing to expand their business abroad.

The renewed collaboration has the scope to enhance and expand further the opportunities for the local regional companies of Abruzzo. To reach in the best way this goal, WTC Pescara and Foreign Trade Center of Abruzzo has decided to establish a common operative desk “WTCPE – CCIAA Pe – Foreign Centre”. The operative desk will aim mainly to broaden the network and activities related to internationalization always in the interest of the regional business community.

During the first operative meeting, held in Pescara last August at the offices of Foreign Trade Center of Abruzzo, the team of WTC Pescara and Foreign Trade Center of Abruzzo has outlined the first draft program for the period September 2016 – 2017. It will regard mainly to emerging growing markets such as India and Africa.

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